Men’s Fashion: Jewelry Rules for Men

Rule #1: Swag up with Cuffs

Cuffs and bracelets are a current mens fashion essential. They look great with any look and add a bit of spice to a casual outfit!

Rule #2: Add Blingy Rings

Ring it up with either some stackable or classic rings! Rings come in many different shapes and sizes. You can style a tuxedo with a stainless steel skull ring or joggers and a t-shirt with sterling silver spinner ring.

Rule #3: Fold-in Snazzy Necklaces

Necklaces add the finishing touch to any outfit, whether it be a casual Sunday or a fancy business dinner. There are many different styles to pick from such as a bold Vajra necklace or simpler and classic chains.

Rule #4: Be Yourself

Play around with a few different pieces and see what suits you best. Who knows, maybe you’ll finally find a style that will stick with you for years!

Rule #5: There are no Rules

Remember this – there are NO rules. Have fun with it! Fashion is unique to every person and there are no set guidelines on how you should style yourself. Enough creativity may even lead to new trends.

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