Urban Jedi: Light Side or Dark Side?

“The Force,” aka the mystical powers from Star Wars, is divided between the Light Side and the Dark Side.  The Jedis, who practice the Light Side of The Force, practice from a place of honesty, compassion and other noble qualities.  They use The Force primarily for defensive purposes, never using The Force for the purpose of attacking others.  The Siths, who represent the Dark Side, operate from a place of anger and hatred. Unlike the Jedis, they use The Force to attack out of aggression.

Star Wars is just a movie.  In real life, things are not as black-and-white as that (pun intended).  Real people have both the Light Side and the Dark Side within them. Real life situations are more complicated than a movie scene.  Sometimes, what we’re upset about is actually not what we’re upset about, at least not completely.  We overreact.  We are exhausted or frustrated and take it out on people that don’t deserve our anger.  Nobody is completely Light Side or Dark Side.  As with most other things, we should strive for balance.

Sometimes, you feel like acting with honor, chivalry and other good qualities.  Other times, bad emotions can get the best of us and we might lose your temper. (Remember that time Darth Vader used The Force to choke that guy?  We have all wished we could do that!)  Use our cool, masculine jewelry to represent what side you feel like today. Perhaps wear both at the same time to acknowledge that we all have both sides within us.


Show off your bad side with our Sith Ring, featuring the Galactic Empire.  Feel as powerful as the Empire with this ring.  Being “bad” can be fun.

Our Stormtrooper and Vader rings.  White does not equal Light Side in this case. Our rings in black and white cubic zirconia represent Darth Vader and his Stormtroopers.


 Get a coordinating necklace.  Bad never looked so good.


Black Leather Cuff Bracelet.  This leather cuff gives you a rough, tough look. You might be an urban Jedi,but you’re no pushover.  Let people know you’re someone they wouldn’t want to mess with at the Cantina.


Be good with our Jedi Order Ring, featuring the logo of the Jedi.  Let ’em know you’re on the side of the good guys.


Get the matching Jedi necklace, too!  The ladies love a matching, coordinated, stylish guy.


Represent the Light Side with our Jedi Cuff Bracelet!  A sleek, futuristic look for an urban Jedi.  Could the metal on your wrist protect your hand from being cut off in a light saber fight?  I wouldn’t count on it, but it sure looks cool!

Maybe you feel like a little bit of both…This stylish silver chain and turquoise leather bracelet declare no allegiance.  For the independent urban Jedi whose only allegiance is to himself.


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