Top 6 Men’s Fashion Runway Trends for Fall 2017

Fashion’s Fall Season is almost upon us and if the Runway Fashions this year are any hint, it is in the highest gear ever and has already made a stamp on menswear. If high style is your alley, get ready to suit up—because you’ll be needing some top notch stuff to stay in play. Here are 6 trends to watch out for and maybe add to your closet for this fall:

Everything Corduroy

If you don’t have a corduroy suit or trousers, you’re going to need to get some to keep up with 2017 latest trends. Corduroy suits aren’t for the old man anymore—it is now for the cool and hip guy at the bar. If that’s you, start wearing corduroy suits in camel colour or green for an earthier tone. If you’re not a suit guy, wear relaxed corduroy trousers with a sport shirt or a sweater—it adds a nice texture to a bland outfit.

Check, Check, and… Check

Check print shirts and suits are in according to the Fashion Gods in London, Milan, and Paris. A check suit can really elevate your style to a whole new level. Check or sometimes called: Prince of Wales Check is similar to a tartan pattern—a band of crisscrossed horizontal/vertical lines. The tartan pattern is usually found on Scottish kilts, hence the name tartan. You got to be bold to wear check print. If you want to plunge into check-y waters; I suggest you start off with a light grey or dark blue check suit before you veer off to red and orange colours.

Chalk Stripe is the New Nice

If you want to go for a more traditional look, consider a classic chalk stripe suit. The difference between a chalk stripe and and pinstripe, chalk stripe tends to be slightly rougher and thicker than pinstripe. And also, you guessed it—it’s chalk white. A chalk stripe suit is perfect for the office and will make you look more professional without even trying.

Crew it Up

If you live in a cold state, you may already of crew neck sweaters in your closet. But nonetheless, it’s always better to have a wide variety of crew necks to choose from. Any style of color you pick will go well with denim jeans or trousers. You can also add a sport shirt under a crew neck to make your outfit look more complete.

Blow it Up

Bomber Jackets can never quite go out of style. Do you ever wonder why it’s called a bomber jacket? Bomber jackets got its name from the military. Bomber jackets or flight jackets (which were once called) were originally designed for pilots and has now developed into casual wear. You can get a bomber jacket in nylon, satin, or linen.

The Printed Tee

I know what you’re thinking… how is a printed tee a fall trend? Well, printed tee’s have gained some momentum in the runway world. The printed tee can be worn under a blazer. You can still look the part with a printed t-shirt under a blazer. You’re already one step closer to a cool new style when you already own printed t-shirts. Second and final step is to figure out what kind of blazer to wear with your favorite printed tee.

If you’re looking for some cool jewelry and accessories to go with your outfits, look here: MEN’S TOP JEWELRY TRENDS 2017

One thought on “Top 6 Men’s Fashion Runway Trends for Fall 2017

  1. Our buying habits change with the trends resulting in previous styles going “out of fashion”. Timely and useful post. This note saved me a lot of time.


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