Chi-Town’s Best Kept Secrets

Chicago also called Chi-Town or Wind City is one of the best cities to visit in America. If you’re traveling to Chi-Town; you probably have an idea of cool places to visit like “The Bean” which is situated in Millennium Park or the Willis Tower which is a 1,450-foot skyscraper or the John Hancock Center that offers a panoramic view of Chicago’s skyline. But, Chicago offers so much more. Here are a few of Chi-Town best kept secrets., starting of course with a bar 🍻 


Hideout is the perfect name for this tiny and obscure bar located in an industrial area between Lincoln Park and Bucktown neighborhoods of Chicago. It’s a prohibition-era bar in a grungy space that hosts all kinds of music, comedy & dancing events. Musicians from all genres to jazz, punk, and country come to showcase their talents. Hideout is known to throw a wild party, so be sure to grab a beer and enjoy the eclectic live music.

Intuit: The Center for Intuitive and Outsider Art

This art museum is like no other, it’s a non-profit art center that features self-taught art virtuosos. This museum has well over 1,000 art pieces and presents four high-quality exhibitions a year. The Intuit is the best museum to consume art culture—voted “Best Gallery” by Chicago Reader in 2008 and 2009. Chicagoans rated it best art gallery twice in row making in eligible for a bucket list spot.


  Myopic Books

For book lovers, a visit Chicago’s award winning and oldest used bookstore: Myopic Books is a must. This cool and hip bookstore sits in a trendy area called Wicker Park between two quirky shops called Bru and Mystic Tarot. With over 70,000 books crammed into the space, you are bound to find a riveting book. If you’re overwhelmed, Myopic Book employees are genial and will guide you with anything you are searching for. After you find an interesting book, stick around to listen to a poetry reading. Poetry readings are free and may inspire you to write a story.

Original Rainbow Cone

Try Chicago’s oldest ice cream shop, Original Rainbow Cone. Although the shop originated in 1926, ice cream never goes out of style. Original Rainbow Cone offers a rainbow-bright ice cream with flavors like orange sherbet, pistachio, Palmer House, strawberry, and chocolate. And if rainbow ice cream doesn’t suit your taste buds, try their feature flavors: black walnut, chocolate peanut butter, banana, and cookie dough.

The iO Theater

Visit Chicago’s iO Theater—the mecca of improvisational comedy. Do you wonder how these performers pull jokes unexpectedly, well this theater hosts improv classes to teach students all about long-form improvisational comedy. From in class training to stage performance, these theater performers are ready to showcase their slick wit to a group of strangers every week. There’s always an event every night, so go check out some hilarious improv performers.


Pequod’s Pizzeria

Pizza Lovers delight, the Pequod’s Pizzeria is a must-do pit-stop. Although deep-dish pizza is a common meal to devour when traveling to Chicago, it’s also one of the reasons why people visit Chicago—to try deep dish pizza. Voted “Best Pizza in Illinois” in 2017 by NBC, their thick stuffed crust pizza is cooked in iron cast skillets that have been seasoned. And there isn’t just one Pequod’s Pizzeria, but three, so you’ll be able to access one that is nearby.

If traveling like a local is a burning desire of yours, then you’ll be sure to blend in when visiting these six pit stops.




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