Remarkable City of Barcelona

Barcelona is located in Northeast Spain and is the best of both worlds with the astonishing historic architecture and an active nightlife. As the capital of the autonomous Catalonia region within the Kingdom of Spain, it’s a popular destination known for its unique architecture, fabulous food and its many world-class museums and art galleries. Barcelona is one of the world’s most beloved cities for good reason and here’s three of them.


As you walk through the streets of Barcelona, you will be taken back to Middle Ages, as you pass by ancient cathedrals and astounding art work. You will get to witness incredible modernist sculptures and talent by artists such as Gaudi and Pablo Picasso. Towering temple columns, ancient city walls and subterranean stone corridors provide a window into Roman-era Barcino.

The Views

Barcelona is gifted with a stunning scenery, from the deep blue Mediterranean Sea to the Collserola Hills. There’s no better way to start the day than taking a refreshing jog on the beach, kayaking in the Mediterranean Sea or hiking or biking along the forest. Not only does it leave you energized but it also helps you connect with the natural beauty of and rejuvenate.


The night holds limitless possibilities in Barcelona. New York is peaceful compared to Barcelona during night time and that is saying a lot! Nightlife is buzzing in Barcelona and for nights when you just want to let loose there is no better place to be. The clubs start filling up around 12 am and you have your choice of either rustic medieval aged taverns or modern rowdy night clubs. 24 x 7 party people live here.

Whether you want a peaceful vacation visiting old historic sites and lounging on the beach or you want to forget about your problems for a while and just have a blast, you cannot go wrong with Barcelona.

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