5 Tips to Help You Build Your Brand

Building a strong and reputable Brand needs hard work, vision and tons of patience. Over the years Team Forziani has learnt lessons on Brand building the hard and long way. Here are top 5 lessons from our team on Brand Creation and Value Addition when it comes to consistent, solid Brand.

  • Become a Professional

There is a well of difference between how you write for personal social media and for business social profiles. For purposes of creating a Brand, it’s essential to understand the difference and change your posting habits from personal world to the business world. Most of your personal stuff relates to posts and pictures of friends and family, funny pictures or videos and even candid comments. On the other hand, most of the posts you direct out within the business world are to make people aware of your product, industry, or about your company.  For Business Branding purposes, its important to make sure that posts should not cross over into personal realm.

  • Pay Attention to Small Details

Right from the minutest of details to the grand picture of your Brand’s personality, you need to cover all aspects in detail. You need to be able to translate to your customers, not only why they need the product but what is the best procedure or fashion to use it. You need to detail out all of the seemingly little things about use of your product in a clear and specific brand voice by establishing a brand guideline and detailing brand consistency.

  • Know Your Brand’s Vision

This might sound like you’ve heard this before, but you need to understand your brand’s vision deeply. Creating a brand profile is a long term project. It is more than creating a logo and a website and you need to be able to visualize where you see your brand 5 years from today and the detail out steps you would take to get there.

  • Be willing to invest in your Brand

Be comprehensive in creating and building your brand diligently. Right from creating a website, a logo and packaging to creating a brand message and marketing materials everything about your brand should give out a consistent message. The payoff won’t be instantaneous but it will pay off in the long run. All great brands out there today, started out small but stayed consistent.

  • Be Consistent

Like the old saying, it doesn’t matter how slowly you go, as long as you keep moving in the right direction consistently. You need to work on your Brand image every day, whether it be interaction with customers, social media posts, resolving a problem at work or responding to a frustrated customer. You and your brand needs to come out as consistent, helpful and creative day in and day out in every situation.

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