4 Tips to enhance Mindfulness at work

Our work places usually consume a lot more of our energy and emotions than we ever realize. Thanks to burgeoning technology, spending more than 10 hours at the job is the norm these days and more so with self-employed folks and entrepreneurs, who literally never seem to take a break from their work. If you identify yourself as one of these types, here are a four tips on how to do better at work and succeed with Mindfulness.

These tips are easy to use and practical and are bound to increase work-life balance, lower stress and help you find clarity and strength. Choose your activity based on how much time you can afford to spare during the day, and see how it helps you quiet your mind and focus on what matters the most.


1. Take a breather every 2 hours

Instead of going on without a break till lunch or half a day, sometimes taking small breaks is a great way to reorganize your thought process and energies. Take a little outdoors walk, go around and chat with co-workers or maybe just stretch yourself, taking frequent small breaks is a great way to focus your thoughts process.

2. Meditate for 15 minutes

If you have your personal space set up, taking a 15 minutes meditation break can have multifold benefits. It can help reduce stress, enhance performance and improve well-being. Use your tools for achieving the state of peace quickly and you will feel highly rejuvenated after just 15 minutes.

3. Get off your e-mails and notifications for a pre-fixed period of time

If you want to achieve high level of performance, it helps tremendously to switch off your notifications and not look up e-mails for say 2 hour blocks of time. Doing so will help you  be more present and engaged with a spike in productivity. The world can really survive without us checking up on updates every 5 minutes 😉


4. Join a lunch-hour exercise group

A lunch-hour exercise group is fun, invigorating and socially rewarding. It can be one of the most engaging and happy things you do in all day and will re-engage your mind for enhanced performance. It can be any workout – walking, yoga, cycling, any group activity comes with lots of fun. And if there isn’t a lunch workout group in your office building or area, why not go ahead and create one yourself!?

Following any one or if you can, all of these tips each day will see you looking forward to work a little more each day. Plus you will feel more present and engaged, develop your creativity and critical thinking skills, improve your health and revolutionize your overall experience at work.

Do let me know what you think of these ideas and your personal experiences

Best Always 💚 Sood

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