How to Achieve Ultra-Luxe Looks with Gold Accessories


When you want to transform your style to achieve a Luxurious look, consider gold accessories. A dapper suit, tie and shoes are of course the essentials for a tailored well groomed look. When you add a few well placed accessories in 18k gold finish, like a bracelet or a necklace and a ring, your style immediately gets a sophisticated, refined boost.

Men’s Jewelry finished with 18k gold adds a sophisticated refinement to both relaxed and formal tailoring, which helps you define your personal style with aplomb. Forziani designers have long worked to create luxurious styles for men, which range from board-room looks to night-club looks and presented here is a selection of polished accessories enhanced with a gold finish that exemplifies modern luxury  ⌘

When choosing accessories for daytime or for work, keep in mind not to get too flashy. Just one well chosen piece in gold is usually enough. Forziani Jewelry is designed with a modern vision and cutting-edge Luxe designs are created by mixing new materials and proven old craftsmanship. The Urban Jedi Bullet Cuff and the Black Nappa leather bracelet are contemporary city life bracelets, while The Scroll Ring in silver and gold mixed metal is perfect blend of modern and spiritual. Making innovative jewelry is at the heart of the brand and we strive to keep the momentum on.

For the evening look, you can afford to go bold by mixing and matching your accessories. Having fun is the key in evenings, and how you dress up really depends on where and with whom you plan to be. A night out in town would be a no holds barred accessorizing occasion, whereas if you’re going out on a work dinner to impress potential business clients, you should choose one or two gold accessory. The All Powerful Bracelet and The Royal Jewels Necklace for men are couple such pieces which scream Luxury without you having to even say a word. Wear them together or separate and they look great either ways.

Forziani designers have created some awesome gold finished luxury pieces, created with global aesthetics in mind and you are bound to impress in them, no matter which part of the world you are socializing in. Whether its a statement or a minimal piece, every Forziani Jewel is created by blending gold and silver metals, premium nappa leather and military grade steel, which will stand the test of time and of-course glamour ⌘

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