Last Minute Hacks for Enjoying Super Bowl

Super Bowl is well, today and if you don’t have a plans yet then read on. We understand life is busy and if you’re anything like us, maybe you had no time to plan out the weekend. Even if you don’t know Tom Brady from Jan Brady, here are some last minute hacks for enjoying the biggest game of the year and having a great time:

Hit a local Bar

Soccer fans usually gravitate towards a bar for real time fun and action. Slew of wide screen TV’s tuned in to the game from different networks let you catch the action from every angle. Flow of game food and beer will ensure your evening is well spent with some new found friends and old time fans.

Go for the big screen experience

Hit the Lavish button and go for big-screen experience of the big game. A simple google search will reveal select movie halls and lounges which offer screening of the game in a great way. There’s usually table service, spirits, hot wings and dogs and you simply can’t go wrong here.

Throw an impromptu party for pals

Grab your contact list and message away. Many of your pals might not have a plan either and it would make a party if even a few of the guys and gals get together. Throw in some beer, gulac, chips and pizza and you’re all set.

Relax on the couch with beer and take out

Who wouldn’t want to relax on the couch with a beer and some take out? Plus if you’re chilling at home, there are no worries of driving after. It’s Sunday evening after all so visit your favorite joint, get your fave food packed and get that beer. Your’e set for the game and now relax …


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