Hottest Global Style Trend – Men’s Bracelets

As you can see around you, Men’s Bracelets is a trend which is at its peak. Yeah, we know, “trends’ sounds a bit fancy and not something you have time for, but of course if you keep seeing a certain style making rounds everywhere you go, you ultimately do wonder if you can make it your own. And although classic style never goes out of fashion, it never hurts to catch the drift from current trends and create something new for you. Here’s our take on global trend of bracelets for men and how to make it work for you.


Start with Simple and then Nail the Game

If you’re new to bracelets, best bet is to start with one or two basic pieces. For beginners, take a pick from Beaded or Leather, whichever speaks to you the most. Once you know your fit and style, then you can take it up a notch and start creating your sets and workday | weekend combinations. With some experience on your side, you will a pro at accessorizing before you know it and doling out ideas to your pals on how to nail that look.


Prime Colors Only

Black, Brown, Navy Blue and White should pretty much sum up your color palate when you’re starting out. These colors will go with 90% of your wardrobe and will get you started. Once you’re in the game, just like Red sneakers topping style charts with celebrities a few months back, maybe you can add red beaded jewels to your wardrobe for that pop of confident color.


Beaded, Leather or Metal

Before you slip on the bracelet, give a thought to your complete look and whether you’re heading out to an official meeting in a suit, a casual outing with your friends or a night out in the town to your favorite pub. A subtle beaded bracelet or a metal cuff can take you from a business meeting into evening life with ease while leather bracelets are more casual and night life style oriented.


No more than Three Bracelets at a Time

While Layering is dapper, it’s important not to go overboard with it. Three Bracelets at a time is the bottom line for guys and if you wear a watch, two should cut it. Beaded Bracelets and Leather Bracelets can be worn together though, for that max chill impact.


Choose Quality over Price

You need a few basic jewelry pieces which stick around your wardrobe for a long time. Well made, high quality items look better and last longer and will save you time and money over the long run. Craftsmanship and raw materials are crucial for a premium styled look, both in apparel and in jewelry.


Nice clothes and bracelets that fit well are important, but confidence is the biggest key. Be the best version of yourself and you’re automatically stylish.

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