🙇 Meditation as a Mind Control Tool đŸ› 

In the past three years, most important habit I’ve formed is Meditation. Hands down, bar none. Ripple effects of Meditation have shown up on many other aspects of my life,  abandoning a few bad habits, becoming more peaceful, getting my attention back from non stop outflow of various media and most importantly ability to sit quietly in a room alone.

Look around, the entire city — country? world? — seems to be infected by a disease, harbored on by a deluge of technology. The constant demand for our attention, our need to look fabulous and important, apps with notifications on, games which lead you on to infinite levels — each person we see today is inadvertently hooked onto their smart phones.

Your attention is the most valued commodity today. Every company,  creator, advertiser wants a piece of that pie and so do your friends and family. So where does all of this leave you — ? It’s time to take your attention back. And to re-learn how to quieten your mind.


Meditation is the tool I have used to reclaim my attention and hence I highly recommend it as a habit. You can reach your highest potential, only if you know how to control your mind. Conquering “The Summit” highest peak of Mount Everest requires several technical skills but only one mental skill — mind control, read more about our Everest conquest strategies here. Mind Control through Meditation will help you achieve your own personal Summit.

There are several types of Meditations and I’m often asked which one is the best or most effective. Here are my top 3 shortlisted styles, which I believe are best suited for Type A personalities who need to calm their minds enough to meditate. None of these styles are religious and all you need is a quiet corner to sit down with no distractions. Begin small, say by 5 minutes and then build it up as you get better. There are no fixed rules and best thing is to try control your thought process, quieten your mind and go with your heart.

1. Transcendental Meditation (TM)

Founded by Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, Transcendental Meditation (TM), was made popular by famous followers like The Beatles and by celebrities. In TM, you sit in a lotus position and chant a Sanskrit Mantra repeatedly while trying to keep your mind still. It’s good to start with a simple Mantra like “Ohm” and then lead onto one more specific to you, based on your name, date of birth etc. A 108 beads Mala, helps you stay on track, as you count away beads one by one till a full cycle of 108 Mantra repetitions. And then the next round as you gain more focus.  Russell Brand has used TM with Forziani Malas (Buddhist Prayer Beads) to ditch destructive old habits and is a legendary Mind Control success story. 

Famous Practitioners: Russell Brand and Katy Perry


2. Heart Rhythm Meditation (HRM)

The method of HRM involves conscious breathing, use of the full lung capacity, a concentration on the heart (both the physical heart and the emotional heart) and an intervention in the breath to make it rhythmic, through the coordination of the breath and heartbeat. This form of meditation concentrates primarily on the heart, with an emphasis on breathing and breath awareness is as simple as it sounds—you focus your attention on the inhalation and exhalation. HRM helps you better handle stress and develop an appreciative and joyous spirit towards life.

Famous Practitioners: Sir Paul McCartney and Madonna

3. Kundalini Yoga

Meditation in the Kundalini Yoga tradition contains specific, practical tools that carefully and precisely support the mind, and guide the body through the use of breath, mantra, mudra (hand position), and focus. The range and variety of meditation techniques in the Kundalini Yoga tradition is very large. There are meditations that reduce stress, work on addictions, increase vitality, and clear chakras, to name a few. Since these meditations are so specified, working with a teacher is a large part of this tradition.

Famous Practitioners: Sting and Jennifer Aniston

Meditation isn’t always easy or even peaceful. But it has truly amazing benefits and there is no better time than today to start and take charge of your attention span. If you would like to get some help, feel free to write in to me and find us on Instagram and Twitter and let us know what you think.

With Best Wishes 💚 Sood.

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