Men’s Jewelry Trends 2017


The world’s premier menswear festival, Pitti Uomo 91 just wrapped up in Florence. A must attend for menswear fashion, the event is a street style haven and a solid indication of what would be coming up for rest of the year in men’s style. Here is team Forziani take on upcoming Men’s Jewelry Trends for 2017

While 2016 saw a rise in beaded bracelets and leather bracelets for men, this year they are a standard classic. 2017 will be the year to shine for increasingly more sophisticated, discerning men, who embrace personal care and refuse labels, focusing on well being rituals, old and new. Men who choose exclusive jewelry pieces what lend a unique olfactory touch to their outfits.



Travel and most importantly, adventure travel is increasingly a must “to do thing” for all guys out there. Purposeful pieces of jewelry, like gemstone men’s beaded bracelets and spiritual pieces which help maximize your potential are in stable demand.  Flexible and easy on the eye, beads bracelets and necklaces for men are a staple which are here to stay.

A bohemian air has been moving through women’s accessories and seems to be touching on the men’s styles now. Long layering necklaces, punk look rings, motif necklaces and stud earrings, mostly just for one ear  remind of jewelry styles brought to life earlier by iconic Alexander McQueen. This year will be a so long’ for chic dapper styles and introduction of bold, personal jewelry for Men. Welcome back to the golden years of men’s jewelry and fashion.

It’s all smiles at the annual Pitti Uomo. Photo: Claudio Lavenia

Top Style Predictions for 2017

  • Emphasis on a Personal Style which can be Subtle, Playful or Bold based on your own Personality and Lifestyle
  • Architectural modern shapes will play an important role in jewelry designs and motifs
  • Talismans and Charms, as made prominent earlier by McQueen era will make a comeback
  • A tribal-infused Parisian jungle look is ready to conquer the streets
  • Bold heavy punk style rings with flash and bling
  • Lapel Pins for coats and blazers are in for that impeccable European style look
  • Single stud earrings make a move from hip hop style to mainstream style

Essentially, stylists at Forziani strongly believe that Men’s Jewelry trends in 2017 are heading towards a goodbye to the Dandy style and a hello to the Mobster style. Bold, Personalized and Statement fashion is in and it is much clear that Men’s Jewelry will be catered to more than ever in 2017.

Louis Vuitton Men 2017
Louis Vuitton Men 2017

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