Guide to Necklaces for Dare Devils


The Skull. The Tattoo. The Bike. The Jacket. The Steel. The Dare Devil.

Dare Devils are easy to recognize. Their attitudes and accessories speak for themselves. And for that sole reason we think we have the nailed down the perfect gift guide for dare devils. Our sleek collection of skull rings, skull rosaries, Star Wars symbols and steel chains will enthrall the bravest and wildest of them out there and you are certain to score good! Take a look at our Dare Devils Gift Guide here.

Steel Chains are a quick way to give off a bold statement. Shop from our selection of steel chains for men for a certain impact statement and modern style. From classic box chains to modern book chains, we have them all. Our chains are crafted out of military grade stainless steel and offer a masculine look in silver and is adaptable to many occasions. Forziani Triton Steel Chain with it’s curved interlocking links is a best seller thanks to its sleek look.  Worn with a rugged jacket and distressed jeans, it completes that rebel look.


Triton Chain
                                                 Triton Men Chain Necklace

For an evening out in town, to go with a fitted dress shirt, consider the Byzantine Chain Men’s Chain Necklace. This chain is the ultimate in modern fashion and you can’t go wrong with this as a gift. 

Byzantine Chain Necklace
                                                 Byzantine Chain Necklace

For a more bolder look, our black lava rosary style skull necklace is the one to go for. With its rustic look complimented by a cz studded skull in silver steel, it has the potential to stand out. Dare to be different and gift something of value which is off the beaten path.

                   Skull and Black Onyx Rosary Necklace

While necklaces are all the rage among men and we offer countless options to choose from, Skull Rings are a staple best seller for the dare devil lifestyle. They are fashion pieces which are probably seen on every biker and tattoo enthusiast out there. Here are is one option from Forziani which we think your guy is really gonna enjoy receiving as a gift – The CZ Skull Ring in either black or white rhodium polished finish.


Visit our Men’s Gift Guide for some more radical ideas for Men’s Gifts here.

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