Gift Guide for Jet Setters


Our Jet Setters gift guide is geared towards men who love to dress in latest styles and go for the polished sleek look at all times. Leather and Steel are two consistent heroes of a Jet Setter Lifestyle. Leather has been a popular material for men’s fashion since beginning while Steel is a comparatively new entrant. Both of these come together gorgeously into men’s jewelry designs creating an infallible modern combination.

Always trending and forever classic Leather projects a masculine look and is extremely versatile for accessories designing. Forziani’s trendy leather bracelets for men are crafted out of genuine Italian Nappa Leather which has a smooth texture and is comfortable to the touch and luxurious to the eye. Due to our sleek designing, the steel and leather bracelets from Forziani compliment a myriad style and can be worn for everyday gatherings and formal occasions with equal aplomb. 

Woven Nappa Black Leather Bracelet
Woven Nappa Black Leather Bracelet

Our Black Nappa Double Woven Leather Men’s Bracelet is a classic design favored by celebrities and has been top of charts for a long time. It showcases an elegant steel riveted center with double woven leather straps providing it an elegant timeless look. Because it’s black and silver, this bracelet matches everything so it’s an easy accessory to add when you’re about to head out.

If you want to add some pop, then do it with gold. The Woven Black Nappa Leather Men’s Wristband with gold magnetic clasp has a nice touch of gold. Still featuring the black leather, again an instant classic, the gold clasp provides this bracelet a nice clean and polished finish.

18k Gold Leather Bracelet
Gold Leather Bracelet

Double Wrap Leather Bracelets are a Hot Trend to catch this season. Much slimmer than the regular bracelets, the band wraps around your wrist twice for an elegant watch-style look. Complemented with a logo rivet, Forziani’s Mens Double Wrap Leather bracelet makes an excellent gift option for a modern and stylish person.

Modern Wrap Leather Bracelet
Modern Double Wrap Leather Bracelet

The Bullet” Cuff Bracelets are Forziani’s newest addition to the men’s fashion arsenal. Hip, Modern and Elegant The Bullet is crafted out of high grade military steel and comes in silver, gold and black rhodium finishes. Pair it with jeans and t-shirt or a Gucci suit with a Rolex watch, either ways you are sure to stand out with this sleek accessory.


Bullet Cuff Bracelet
Bullet Cuff Bracelet

Men’s fashion scene is changing fast. Get your guy the gift which will help him stay updated and tuned in with the latest fashions. Visit our gift guide for more information and details here.

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