Gift Guide for Adventure Seekers

Forziani Beaded Bracelets

For men that don’t like staying inside and living the ordinary life, why get him an ordinary gift off the shelf from a department store? Try something a little different and much more meaningful with Forziani beaded bracelets collection. Not only trendy and fashionable, Forziani beaded bracelets are handcrafted with high quality raw materials which will last longer and feel nicer than average bracelets. Each bead we use has it’s own spiritual meaning, which leads to enhancing its properties with use e.g. wisdom, strength, balance, protection. Here’s a look at some of our most popular beaded bracelets over the seasons:

Our Men’s All Powerful Onyx Matte & CZ Diamonds Pavè Bracelet with it’s luxury gold logo beads, black matte beads and cz diamonds studded beads has been a consistent best seller over the years. You’ll love this bracelet thanks to its glossy high fashion look paired with a rugged masculine feel. It is one of our most luxurious bracelets and definitely one that he won’t forget as a gift.

Men's All Powerful Onyx Matte & CZ Diamonds Pavè Bracelet
Men’s All Powerful Onyx Matte and CZ Diamonds Bracelet

The Explorer Black Onyx Disk Beads Bracelet is from the Summit series and perfectly compliments a guy who wants to explore and discover the world. It’s simple and minimalistic design is low key but thanks to its unique disk beads, it looks really sleek. Black Onyx is a great stabilizer and provides balance in life.

Explorer Black Onyx Disk Beads Bracelet
Explorer Black Onyx Disk Beads Bracelet

If you’re having a tough time choosing a single bracelet, our bracelet sets of three are perfect for gifting. Each beaded bracelet has a special meaning and they can all be worn together or individually one at a time. Our number one selling set is the Sale Life Black Onyx, Lava Stone and Jasper Beaded Bracelet Set. The black onyx beads brings balance, lava stone beads brings in strength and jasper stone beads encourages the warrior spirit. All three together provides for a powerful combination, making him ready for challenges down the road and of course it it looks great.

Salt Life Bracelet Set of Three
Salt Life Bracelet Set of Three

Spiritual Beaded Bracelets for Men are becoming increasingly popular and we hope you find some great options here at Forziani. Do look up our gift guide for more creative ideas on Gifts for Men here.

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