Gift Guide for Men of Style


Jewelry is always a great Gift idea at usually all occasions – and with recent trends, not only for women but for Men as well.  Its a concept which has been gaining ground for last few years and with more and more Men getting conscious about their personal style, it is bound to gain speed. But it can be sometimes daunting to decide what might make a good gift for him. Here are a few tips from Team Forziani to help you out and make every guy fashionable. We thought the best way would be to create gifts based on broader personality types, so let’s begin:

  1. Inner Explorers

Is he always lost in deep thought? He’s probably the one person to always find peace in a any situation. Maybe he’s a bit spiritual too. If so, then consider getting him something from The Summit Series. My personal favorite is the Explorer black disks bracelet. They have a casual look but can be worn when going out due to their polished high quality material.  Also check out the Strength and Confidence  108 Tiger Eye Mala. It’s been very popular among our male shoppers.

2. Adventure Seekers

Okay, he’s been trying to get you to skydive, ride that monster coaster and then go on a long hike…on the same day. Well, if you don’t want to jump off a plane anytime soon, grab some rugged accessories for this wild spirit. This All Powerful Black and Gold Bracelet will be perfect for him. So you might not know this but lava stone has the spiritual powers of physical and mental strength. If you do decide to skydive with him, then get yourself one too. You’ll need it.

3. Jet Setters

This guy doesn’t play around. Every room notices his entrance. He’s very particular on his attire and always dresses to impress. Everything about him is high style and he demands any jewelry to match. Don’t worry, we got you covered. Our Stylish Bullet Cuff is guaranteed to wow.  It’s our most popular bracelet and for good reason. Clean design yet full of intricate details throughout. If he’s looking for a necklace, try the Forziani Royal Jewels Necklace. This necklace is all about style with it’s CZ diamonds and onyx beads.

4. Dare Devils

Tattoos? Check. Leather & Jeans? Check. Bike? Maybe. He approves of everything tough and will always make a bold statement whenever he can. For this guy, you’ll want to get something that shows power and boldness. Forziani Skull Ring in Matte Black will had an extra level of pop to any shirt/jacket. Made of military grade stainless steel, this ring will be toughing it for the long term. Just like him.

Hopefully this gave you a better idea on what to get him and helped you save you some time. We’re always thinking and innovating to make gifting a great experience for both sides so do follow us and pitch in with custom requests or new ideas at .

Thanks and make sure to Explore, Travel & Live ⌘

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