Stages of Conquest – The Everest Summit and Our Life Goals



The Everest, highest mountain on Earth is also the biggest achievement that an Alpinist can get. Many people have tried conquering the Everest Summit and many have failed. The ones who made it to the top mention precise planning, accurate forecasting and unflinching teamwork in almost all cases. Similar to conquering Everest is achieving your Goal in life. If you aren’t aware of different stages of either of them, you can’t make it to The Summit. Here’s a brief look at how things stack up for Everest climbers and Achievers in Life.

Base Camp 5,400 m/ 17,700 ft. Altitude


Basecamp can be compared with a Nascar car racing depot. Here, is where all the technology and commodities are. Satellites, cell phones, tents, medical supplies are ready to be used. Here, is where climbers and families can exchange news with each other about what is going on in the mountain. It is here that the Climber’s journey begins.

Every person has their own base camp in daily life. It is often called the “comfort zone” where everything you need is right there for you. It is where you feel safe, away from danger and threats and can be related to a space where you unwind and make plans for conquering your goal. It is also where your journey begins.

IceFall 5,500 m-6,100 m/ 18,000 ft -20,000 ft. Altitude


“Somewhere between the bottom of the climb and the summit, is the answer to the mystery why we climb”

 Greg Child

The Icefall is perhaps one of the most difficult zones of the ascent of Mount Everest because the shifts can happen anytime without warning. Climbers usually cross it right after the sunrise when the zone is partially frozen and less susceptible to movement.

In life, we can relate the Icefall stage to that initial push required to start anything new. Most often, this stage requires you to change a set pattern of life and is toughest to conquer. The mindset which hits the snooze button for that alarm which goes off for a 5:00 am run, must be overcome with a mindset which propels you out of bed. Act quickly and move fast towards making that change!

Valley of Silence 6,100 m-6,400m/ 20,000 ft -21,000 ft. Altitude


The Valley of Silence is a flat area of endless snow. It is a gentle valley with flat ground where campers usually do their first stop, but must be careful of avalanches.

In the journey of life, there are points where we need take a break and rest. However, we must be careful of our “Avalanche”. This one often comes in as mediocrity. We must rest, but keep going because the Summit is waiting for us.

Lhotse Wall 6,800 m-8,000m /22,300 ft -26,300 ft. Altitude


In the Lhotse Wall the climb will be easy or hard depending on the weather. This point is where oxygen starts thinning resulting in start of headaches and dizziness. It is crucial at this stage to concentrate on your plan and don’t stop unless necessary.

In life, this stage is about mid-way into our goal path and where unseen challenges start appearing. We may feel down, tired, and not motivated. However, the key is to keep going full speed and pushing beyond any discomfort. You Summit is waiting.

The Death Zone 8,000m /26,000 ft. Altitude


The name is given due to the high altitude where there is not enough oxygen for humans to breathe. This zone is where most of 200+ climbers have died trying to conquer the top.

When facing the “Death Zone” in our life, our old self starts dying in order to give birth to a new version of ourselves. Here is where our real character is tested and where many people fail. The Death Zone is that stage of our life goals where we end up eventually realizing what we really want and why we want it.

The Summit 8,850m/ 29,035 ft. Altitude


They say the Summit of The Everest is the size of a dining table. Here is where climbers celebrate, take pictures, and stick their flags claiming their territory. This is a place of joy that offers a vision from the highest point of the world!

If you successfully completed all the previous stages of the climb aka journey for goal achievement, reaching the peak or completion of the goal is fulfilling and rewarding as nothing else. All that hard work, tears, agony and sheer willpower has finally paid off. It is time to celebrate but also to reflect on our journey and realize that we are no longer the person that started at the base camp. That we have become this new powerful person capable of facing and overcoming challenges with determination.


Welcome to “The Summit”

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