Do Gemstones actually have spiritual powers

Ahhh …. only if we knew for sure! There’s prevalent white noise about healing powers of gemstones and crystals, hence follows the obvious question – do gemstones really work? And the answer is of course, as is with all alternative healing aspects, it can’t be proved. But then … your heart still believes. And that my friends is the perspective.


I personally believe that gemstones work for you if you believe in them. Your minds and subconscious thoughts are powerful energy sources and allow almost anything you believe to come true. That is how some people can overcome illnesses and disease with alternative medical treatments. So if you believe the gemstones work, they just might. A simple observation of this is that people genuinely feel better when wearing jewelry with gemstones.

Gemstones have been believed to confer healing powers on wearer for centuries and while no scientific evidence exists of their powers, from ancient to modern day we have practitioners who swear by their crystal cures. They have a special significance in astrology and Indians have an ancient system of wearing gemstones based on you date and time of birth. Most gemstones form in the earth’s crust, approximately 3 to 25 miles beneath the Earth’s surface and Diamonds are found much deeper in the earth. Water and other natural elements interact with minerals to form crystals and gemstones and that is how they come to possess inherent properties and values based on their color and hardness. These inherent property of each Gemstone, based on how it was formed, has a specific relation to your date and time of birth, aka birthstones.

In Astrophysics, meteorites and moon rocks have special mystery and significance based on their properties. Numerous samples and rocks have been collected from outer space and their properties have been researched. Much of them yet unexplained. If Light and Color are a reality in Physics and they work on a natural planetary pattern, so should gemstones – since they are formed from interplay of light, color and matter. Gemstones act as conduits for healing—allowing positive, healing energy to flow into the body as negative energy flows out.

Crystals are solid figures found in natural geometric shapes. Crystals have a very high and precise rate of vibration, making them ideal for being utilized extensively in modern technology. Everyday tech items – computers, cell phones and data positioning systems,  all use crystals since they help turn mechanical energy into electrical signals. If gemstones and crystals can work with complex physical systems based on their properties, healing theorists have solid reasons to believe that these gemstones and crystals can pick up vibrations from the human body’s “energy centers,” or chakras, which are aligned with our endocrine glands, and—because of their own similar vibrational properties— and help flush out negativity.


With many beliefs in place for and against powers of gemstones, I would like to state on an ending note that gemstones are formed under extra-terrestrial conditions. They are transcendent items with potential to both inspire and heal. They might not work any miracle in your life, but if you believe in their powers, they can certainly lift your confidence and give a boost to your spirits. As such they are needed in the modern world as much as they were needed in the ancient.

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