Badass AND Spiritual …?


Our typical understanding of a Spiritual person is someone who is devoid of ambition and lives a life of peace, calmness and easy path of life. But that can’t be further from the truth. Think of any great personalities through history – Moses, Mother Teresa, Yogi Iyenger and Gandhi. 

They were not the quiet types with humble personalities. Instead they were movers and shakers of highest order. They did not live in spiritual bliss preaching goodness, instead they shook up establishments and took massive actions to bring about a permanent change in peoples thinking and lives. Similar is it with us.


Recently Police force in Canada, attended a guided spiritual meditation led by a Buddhist Monk Saranapala better known as the “Urban Buddhist Monk”.  He says “I think generally people have negative impressions about the police officers, and seeing some officers trying to do mindfulness meditation, [and] being at the front row of a Buddhist temple, they think it’s very positive.”

That, we feel,  is the right approach to heal and cure what is so broken in our society at the moment. If all of us start listening to our souls and don’t get drowned in negativity around us in our daily lives, we have a much better chance of changing our attitudes and behaviors. Being spiritual does not mean being weak in anyway. Instead it means you are stronger, willful and more aware of yourself.

Spiritual is the real Badass – since he or she is mentally stronger than the average person

This is the inherent philosophy behind every piece of jewelry we design at Forziani. What you choose to wear as an accessory, should inspire and strengthen you in addition to making you look good. Our jewelry pieces help you achieve that inner spiritual connect, be it our yogi 108 beads mala or our modern Urban Jedi collection – reach for your highest potential with ambition and mindfulness ⌘ 

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