5 New Rules of Layering Bracelets for Men

Sure, Watches are the most common accessories worn by men. But a lot of men are now making wrist wear choices which are more engaging and personally empowering to them. Layering of Bracelets is one of them (sounds too much, looks awesome) . These are five new style moves to add to your trend game 


  1. We’re always going to have a Rolex, a Fitbit or an Apple on our wrist, but man does it rock the boat when we layer on some spiritual beads. With a little charm a guy can reach places which might not have been possible before (pun intended).

Navy Blue Lapis Beads Bracelet – Prosperity and Wisdom $18.50  Here

Black Onyx Beads Bracelet – Truth and Strength $18.50 ➢ Here

Men's Jewelry Forziani

2. Beads and Leather look awesome together, contrary to common perception. Invest in a few key good pieces like a good leather bracelet which you can pair with dark colored beads bracelets and maybe one with gold beads for that elegant touch.

Black Nappa Braided Leather  Bracelet $75  ➢ Here

All Powerful Onyx Matte and Gold Bracelet $85  ➢ Here


3. Out for a casual meeting? Pair some steel chain bracelets with an id tag link bracelet and a ring. Its easy to exude masculinity with tough biker look accessories!



4. Tan Leather and Steel combo on a country cottage vacation or a weekend trip. Just layer them on casually as if its your normal and you are ready to slay!

Tan Logo Leather  Bracelet $75  ➢ Here

Steel Large Links  Bracelet $115  ➢ Here


5. Know why women go nuts for Leonardo Di Caprio? His good boy – bad boy vibes is probably the reason with a beads bracelet thrown in carelessly. Get that look right HERE at Forziani, with the All Powerful Onyx Matte & Gold Logo Beads Bracelet which was Leo’s chosen one. $85

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