Men’s Jewelry Trends 2016

Once a domain of Royalty and Stars, Men’s Jewelry is fast gaining traction with dynamic metro men. As attitudes shift, men’s jewelry has become one of the fastest growing segments in jewelry industry. An upward shooting trajectory is predicted for men’s jewelry in 2016, propelled by beaded bracelets and leather bracelets trends.

Thinking back to 1980’s the only men wearing jewelry were rockstars and actors with big heavy metal chains, disks doing the talking. It was an era of flashy big pieces which were not a reality for most men. Then in 1990’s David Beckham bought in a trend of celebrity culture with stacks of beaded bracelets pendant necklaces defining his personality. Other celebrities followed suit quickly with their own personal style and some of them even started a label.

Since then, men have discovered a new found passion for wearing jewelry, using it more as an expression for their personal style. Traditional metals like gold and silver have been overtaken by modern materials viz beads, stones and leather. Bracelets are the most popular, specially with metro sexual men with stacks of them going up their arms.

In recent times, spiritual jewelry has taken a big turn with more men searching for a purpose in their lives and gravitating towards jewelry with meaning and purpose. That bracelet is no more a random accessory, but it means much more to men who cherish them. Its a fond memory of travel destinations or adventures undertaken be it spiritual or nautical in nature.

Stacking and Layering Jewelry is becoming a growing reality for men with an estimated increase of 7 per cent per year in sale of stacking jewelry sales as reported by jewelers. Where earlier men used to experiment with a single piece of jewelry, now men are accessorizing with flamboyance and buying multiple items for stacking and mixing up styles to alongside watches on their wrists.

Style Predictions for 2016

For 2016 retailers are predicting a sharp upwards trend in men transforming their styles to include a significant piece of jewelry. Right from expensive silver and gold pieces which are favored by men in Ferraris and Bentleys to mixed metal pieces in plastic and cord for younger crowd, all styles will see a decisive growth. Along with buying more pieces of jewelry, men are also willing to spend a bit more on their pieces. Men see jewelry as an extension of their style, like a watch, so they are willing to pay more for the right pieces, says Forziani chief designer Kevin.

Here are some of Forziani’s stylists top predictions for men’s jewelry in 2016:

  • Men’s Jewelry selections will reflect more of their own personal style
  • Watches will have to fight for space on men’s wrists with beaded bracelets stacking up
  • Leather will be influential in 2016 both in bracelets as well as necklaces
  • Simple Leather cords with a pendant will make a comeback
  • Move over women, men will now compete to spend more on per piece basis
  • Talsimans and Charms on men’s bracelets will increase, as a reflection of their personality
  • Mixing and layering of Jewelry will be trendy in 2016 for men as well as women


 Stacked Beaded Bracelets with Charms for Men

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