5 Ways to Gift Her Jewelry so it doesn’t look like you are proposing!

Holidays signify a season full of anticipation and love and music and romance. But you’re NOT yet ready to propose to her. We get it! So, here are 5 best ideas to gift her Jewelry so it spreads joy and wonder instead of well, disappointment …

1. Skip the Ring Other than a ring, which can connote a proposal without even trying, there are many other Fine Diamond Jewelry items which make a great gift. Try with earrings, a necklace or a bracelet and newer and modern the design is, more aaah’s and oooh’s it will generate, totally taking away the scope of its-not-a-ring disappointment.

2. Pay attention to Packaging  A Ring box can be very similar to an earrings box or a small bracelet box. In fact many retailers use a common size packaging to keep costs low. Ask for a separate gift box as far as possible so as to avoid confusions related to shape and size of your Jewelry Gift

3. Do Not Gift at a Restaurant There is something about a table set with candles, roses and glasses of wine which brings out the romantic in women. Trust us – we know. More than subtle hints will be needed to explain your side of things in a situation like this. Try to avoid this scenario absolutely by presenting your gift before you reach the venue of that evening. You can present her your gift when you’re picking her up at home or work or even in the car, anywhere but away from those wine glasses and roses!

4. Don’t make it a Surprise Let her know before hand that tonight would be the best night for you both to exchange holiday gifts. It doesn’t have to be with a group of friends and can be intimate and private, but having prior knowledge of an upcoming gift will help avoid any false expectations.

5. Sing a Song about how jewelry is a girl’s best friend or something as cute as that. Once she’s done laughing, present her the nicely wrapped gift in a non-genric-gift-box and wish her Happy Holidays with a great New Year to look forward to!

We hope these tips will help. With a little ingenuity and care, you can make the presenting of gift as exquisite as the item of jewelry inside. Love lasts longer when tested longer before hand and here’s to great love and a great year ahead!

In case you’re looking for some unique gifts, we have some ideas here

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