Why Spiritualism is the New Black

Style Statement of the moment or rather movement seems to be Spiritualism – and with good reason. Be it yoga, meditation, clothing or jewelry, spiritualism has transcended from a fad and has now become more of a way of life universally. Spiritual thinking has been adopted by many of us and integrated into our daily lives and is heavily endorsed by celebrities as well as political leaders specially with Michelle Obama encouraging schools to include Yoga as a physical activity for kids. Here are top reasons why Spiritualism has been ingrained in our society as the New Black:

  • There is no central God. Spiritualism relates to realizing the best potential within our own selves and not through a source outside of us. Unlike religions, it does not ask you to follow a certain God or a certain way of life. It merely asks you to be your own personal best.
  • Follow the Good and renounce the Bad – be it in your behaviour, your life choices, your food or your approach. Spiritualism lies in the belief of Karma, ancient Hindu philosophy which purports that life is a full cycle and your actions eventually will catch up with you. If your actions and thoughts are good, your life to follow will be good and vice versa.
  • Anyone can be achieve mastery of self.  Most remarkable concept about spiritualism is that just like Buddha who was a human but went on to achieve enlightenment through meditations and renouncement, anyone of us who decides to follow the righteous path can discover spirituality.  We do not have to renounce our homes and families to achieve greatness but follow the spiritual path to best of our ability and within our own truth of circumstances.
  • Beliefs are not controlled by any dominant factor. Each one of us have our own reality and our own set of circumstances within which we have to function. Spiritualism does not dictate any set of rules or beliefs to be followed, any schedule to be adhered to or any reality to be overlooked. It merely guides our thoughts and actions towards the right path under any situation.
  • Divinity lives within each one of us. All beings, humans, animals, plants are believed to have a soul and a spark of divinity in them. That is why every true spiritual master treats everyone the exact same and no different. Respect for each living being is ingrained in the teachings which allow for a homogenous living environment.
  • Our origin and background does not matter. While most religions busy themselves with tales of creation and supremacy, spiritualists doesn’t care at all. Why? Because the most important thing is the ever-present now, and working on ourselves in the moment. That means letting go of the past and the future.

With the right thought process and beliefs, each one of us can lead a life of spirituality, without changing your religion, without ignoring your family and much within your own reality of circumstances . In fact, a thought process like this is much needed in todays world which seems to be fragmented and broken on various counts, majorly religion and supremacy.

2 thoughts on “Why Spiritualism is the New Black

  1. Kevin… what an excellent piece of writing. A reflection of my own thoughts and opinions put in to words I could never have written myself.


    1. Thanks so much Richard for taking time and writing to me. I am happy it finds resonance with you.
      All the Best with your endeavors – Best, Kevin.


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