7 Tips to Make your Last Minute Gift Shine


Some of us are eager beavers, planning out what for who and purchasing our holiday gifts well in advance. With black friday madness, holidays seems to start in November these days. But if you are anything like me, last minute is the deal. In fact my family has long said that the quote “If it wasn’t for the last minute, nothing would get done” seems to me tailored made for me. So in case you are wondering what to do with yourself at the last minute, here are a few tips which will have you on your way – bells, whistles and bushy tailed to a great gift giving adventure.

  1. last-minute-gift-forzianiGet in touch with your Generous side ‘Tis is the season for giving. And believe it or not, research suggests that feeling excited about gift giving and actually wanting to go out there and make people in our life smile, well actually makes YOU Happy. As a bonus it leads to great relationships and friendships in the coming years. So feel a little love and remember to enjoy the ride.
  2. Try to make gifts personal Gifting is an opportunity to let a person know how much you appreciate and love them, and to show how well you know them. Try to think a little bit about the personality of the person, their interests, their wish list etc before you buy them something. Then personalize it in our own way, write a thoughtful note or maybe wrap it in a special gift paper and not the tissues found in store gift bags.
  3. Don’t focus on costs Don’t let the gift be all about cots and price tag. Instead get creative and think out of the box. Jewelry for women is always a good idea considering it feels personal and thoughtful at the same time. And for men as well the trend of jewelry gifts is catching on like wildfire in the fashionable sections.
  4. Think about the presentation Attention to detail is something which can make a gift stand out – last minute or advance purchase. Instead of generic packaging opt for personally wrapped gifts with a hand written note and a special bow. The look and feel of a gift is everything.
  5. When in doubt, ask If there is someone on your list who is tough to plan for and leaves you stumped, ask for help from a close friend or family member. Yo don’t have to thrash it out alone and another person might have experience in gifting to fit in your budget and scale of things.
  6. Look out for All-in-One Options Try to find stores or websites which can offer a range of presents to suit interests of everyone in your list and also the budget. This can be a boon for last minute shopping since you don’t have time to co-ordinate things from different places and all your boxes can arrive from one spot.
  7. And last of all, add a smile to your face Holidays have most everyone stressed out for some reason or other. Don’t let it show on your face and steal your zest away. After all its end of one whole year and everyone of your friends and family have been through some tough and some happy times, just like you. So just like they say – let’s wrap it up and put a bow and a smile on it!

Our team at Forziani wishes you and your close ones Happy Holidays!  We are here to offer full personalized gifting options based on your budget for your gifts.

You can call us or write to us as late as Dec 23rd 4:00pm for a complete personally wrapped and customized gift delivered before Christmas. Its as late minute as it gets! http://www.forziani.com  1-407-346-6026  info@forziani.com

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