What exactly does Zen Mean?

meaning of zen

Originally derived from the Japanese way of life, Zen implies much beyond the basic meaning of word. Zen in its essence, means an intense state of focus, incorporating a complete togetherness of body and mind. State of Zen involves detaching from stuff going around you and being able to focus and visualize on a deeper level with your thought processes.

For the un-initiated understanding the spiritual meaning of Zen is difficult to understand. No one can explain the meaning of Zen to another person, especially a guru or teacher. The spiritual meaning of Zen must be interpreted individually because it is neither a simple question nor an easy answer. It has to be understood by the seeker on his own by becoming practitioner and believing in the philosophy of Buddhism and Meditation.

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6 easy ways to ramp up your fashion style

Fashion Styles for men have come a long way from a fancy shirt and slacks. Today, we have the choice of apparel from seasons to time of day to who we’re hangin with.  Here are 5 pointers on how to ramp up your fashion style easily:

  • Acknowledge the fact that a style of fashion means – Power for Men

A good sense of fashion can open up so many important doors, it’s insane! Dressing well has a lot more to it than just confidence, it makes you look as though you’re the best version of yourself that day even if you’re feeling down. A good fashion sense can really make an amazing first impression on everyone you meet.

  • A few unique and personal outfits are Key

Rather than switching up outfits and styles again and again, try to come up with your own sense of style for different outings. One for casual everyday routines, one for dates and a classy suit outfit for your special occasions. If you replicate and mix up these three styles then you’ll have your very own unique dressing personality which is very attractive!

  • Add a piece of Jewelry

Adding a piece of meaningful jewelry, be it a pendant on chain, spiritual beads bracelet or leather bracelet adds the appropriate bling and interest in your outfit. Heck, it also has the potential of becoming a start-up talking point for your meetings.

  • You don’t necessarily have to jump on the Trend

Whether it be joggers or rompers for men, if you don’t like the style then there is no reason to jump onto the trend! However, if you do enjoy the recent trends then don’t be afraid to rock them either. As long as you stay true to your personal sense of fashion, you are set.

  • It doesn’t have to be expensive to look Good

If you cannot afford name brand products, it doesn’t mean you can’t look equally as good. You can wear a pair of jeans that you got for $40 and no one will care whether they are name brand or not as long as they look cool on you!

  • Don’t worry about what Others think


People are going to be jerks whether you like it or not. If they don’t approve of your fashion sense then ignore them and wear whatever you want. You only live once ~ embrace individuality and dress to please you and only you.

A brief history of men’s jewelry trends – from era of Kings and onwards…

King or Emperor, conjures up an image of royalty, opulence and a life of luxury. Since ancient times, kings have known to wear jewelry pieces as a symbol of grandeur. The higher in status and affluent you were in those times, bigger and better was the nature of jewels you flaunted. For hundreds of years’ emperors in India commissioned extraordinary royal jewels, usually from topnotch brands like Cartier. From 17th century onwards, Indian Kings amassed a dazzling collection of diamonds and gemstones necklaces, rings, brooches, crown jewels and much more. Even their swords and weapons were actual treasures bejeweled with rubies, emeralds, diamonds, gold, jade and pearls.

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How to Create a Successful Life with Balance

“Life is about balance, too much and too little can kill”

Life is all about balance. According to a recent study published by the American Sociological Review, 70% of Americans struggle with finding a work-life system that works for them. For many in the workforce, achieving any type of work-life balance, can seem like a myth, especially when technology has made us accessible around the clock. We often underestimate how balance contributes to living a successful and productive life and it can be crucial as a long term indicator of overall happiness.

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Urban Jedi: Light Side or Dark Side?

“The Force,” aka the mystical powers from Star Wars, is divided between the Light Side and the Dark Side.  The Jedis, who practice the Light Side of The Force, practice from a place of honesty, compassion and other noble qualities.  They use The Force primarily for defensive purposes, never using The Force for the purpose of attacking others.  The Siths, who represent the Dark Side, operate from a place of anger and hatred. Unlike the Jedis, they use The Force to attack out of aggression.

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Top 6 Men’s Fashion Runway Trends for Fall 2017

Fashion’s Fall Season is almost upon us and if the Runway Fashions this year are any hint, it is in the highest gear ever and has already made a stamp on menswear. If high style is your alley, get ready to suit up—because you’ll be needing some top notch stuff to stay in play. Here are 6 trends to watch out for and maybe add to your closet for this fall: Continue reading Top 6 Men’s Fashion Runway Trends for Fall 2017

Chi-Town’s Best Kept Secrets

Chicago also called Chi-Town or Wind City is one of the best cities to visit in America. If you’re traveling to Chi-Town; you probably have an idea of cool places to visit like “The Bean” which is situated in Millennium Park or the Willis Tower which is a 1,450-foot skyscraper or the John Hancock Center that offers a panoramic view of Chicago’s skyline. But, Chicago offers so much more. Here are a few of Chi-Town best kept secrets., starting of course with a bar 🍻  Continue reading Chi-Town’s Best Kept Secrets

Remarkable City of Barcelona

Barcelona is located in Northeast Spain and is the best of both worlds with the astonishing historic architecture and an active nightlife. As the capital of the autonomous Catalonia region within the Kingdom of Spain, it’s a popular destination known for its unique architecture, fabulous food and its many world-class museums and art galleries. Barcelona is one of the world’s most beloved cities for good reason and here’s three of them. Continue reading Remarkable City of Barcelona

How can the United Debacle Inspire a Growth Mindset

Last week, a United passenger exited a plane in perhaps the most humiliating way. As videos emerged of a bloodied, screaming, and disoriented man being forcibly removed from a seat he paid for, shock and horror consumed us all. There was no corporate empathy from United for David Dao as he was manhandled from the plane waiting at the gate, and visibly injured in the act and no crew intervened. Continue reading How can the United Debacle Inspire a Growth Mindset

5 Mens Products To Buy For An Instant Style Refresh

Street Fashion is abuzz with new styles, new colors and you can see vibes from all international markets making a play for it this year. We put together a quick 5 item product list which can help you instantly refresh your look and gel well with the fashion forward scene Continue reading 5 Mens Products To Buy For An Instant Style Refresh

Mindfulness and Yoga in Sports

We all know that Yoga and Meditation have serious benefits for our health and overall well being. But for pro athletes competing a high level, playing the game with Mind Control can be really rewarding. Super Bowl champion head coach Pete Carroll, who is in his seventh year as a head coach and executive vice president of the NFL’s Seattle Seahawks, requires that all of his players take yoga classes during the season and even credits the Zen practice for relaxing his players and keeping them focused on game day. Continue reading Mindfulness and Yoga in Sports

5 Tips to Help You Build Your Brand

Building a strong and reputable Brand needs hard work, vision and tons of patience. Over the years Team Forziani has learnt lessons on Brand building the hard and long way. Here are top 5 lessons from our team on Brand Creation and Value Addition when it comes to consistent, solid Brand.

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4 Tips to enhance Mindfulness at work

Our work places usually consume a lot more of our energy and emotions than we ever realize. Thanks to burgeoning technology, spending more than 10 hours at the job is the norm these days and more so with self-employed folks and entrepreneurs, who literally never seem to take a break from their work. If you identify yourself as one of these types, here are a four tips on how to do better at work and succeed with Mindfulness.

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How to Achieve Ultra-Luxe Looks with Gold Accessories


When you want to transform your style to achieve a Luxurious look, consider gold accessories. A dapper suit, tie and shoes are of course the essentials for a tailored well groomed look. When you add a few well placed accessories in 18k gold finish, like a bracelet or a necklace and a ring, your style immediately gets a sophisticated, refined boost.

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Last Minute Hacks for Enjoying Super Bowl

Super Bowl is well, today and if you don’t have a plans yet then read on. We understand life is busy and if you’re anything like us, maybe you had no time to plan out the weekend. Even if you don’t know Tom Brady from Jan Brady, here are some last minute hacks for enjoying the biggest game of the year and having a great time:

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Hottest Global Style Trend – Men’s Bracelets

As you can see around you, Men’s Bracelets is a trend which is at its peak. Yeah, we know, “trends’ sounds a bit fancy and not something you have time for, but of course if you keep seeing a certain style making rounds everywhere you go, you ultimately do wonder if you can make it your own. And although classic style never goes out of fashion, it never hurts to catch the drift from current trends and create something new for you. Here’s our take on global trend of bracelets for men and how to make it work for you.

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🙇 Meditation as a Mind Control Tool 🛠

In the past three years, most important habit I’ve formed is Meditation. Hands down, bar none. Ripple effects of Meditation have shown up on many other aspects of my life,  abandoning a few bad habits, becoming more peaceful, getting my attention back from non stop outflow of various media and most importantly ability to sit quietly in a room alone.

Look around, the entire city — country? world? — seems to be infected by a disease, harbored on by a deluge of technology. The constant demand for our attention, our need to look fabulous and important, apps with notifications on, games which lead you on to infinite levels — each person we see today is inadvertently hooked onto their smart phones.

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6 Tools for Mind Control


Steve Jobs, who was a master of mind control and living and working purposefully, learned to seize control over his success and his life by asking himself one important question in the mirror every morning:

If today were the last day of my life, would I want to do what I am about to do today?’ If the Answer is ‘no’ for too many days in a row, I know I need to change something.

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Mariah Carey could have saved her NYE performance with Mind Control


Talk of the town today – Mariah Carey on-stage fiasco at new year’s eve could have been avoided with some ace mind control techniques on her part. Carey, one of the top selling recording artists of all time and a five time Grammy winner while performing at Times Square in NYE, faced a technological breakdown which led to her song lyrics getting whacked out of sync which in turn let to her storming off the stage in a huff.

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Guide to Necklaces for Dare Devils


The Skull. The Tattoo. The Bike. The Jacket. The Steel. The Dare Devil.

Dare Devils are easy to recognize. Their attitudes and accessories speak for themselves. And for that sole reason we think we have the nailed down the perfect gift guide for dare devils. Our sleek collection of skull rings, skull rosaries, Star Wars symbols and steel chains will enthrall the bravest and wildest of them out there and you are certain to score good! Take a look at our Dare Devils Gift Guide here.

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Gift Guide for Jet Setters


Our Jet Setters gift guide is geared towards men who love to dress in latest styles and go for the polished sleek look at all times. Leather and Steel are two consistent heroes of a Jet Setter Lifestyle. Leather has been a popular material for men’s fashion since beginning while Steel is a comparatively new entrant. Both of these come together gorgeously into men’s jewelry designs creating an infallible modern combination.

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